Wall Street

How Long will the Wall Street Rally Last?

2017 is now well underway and equities traders on Wall Street could not be happier. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has broken through the critical 21,000 resistance level and by 1 March was trading at 21,073.70. Not to be outdone, the S&P 500 index is hovering around 2,384, while the NASDAQ composite index is holding steady at 5,876. These numbers are significant in many ways. For starters, the Dow is trading at record levels. Over the past 1 year, the premier blue-chip index – the Dow 30 ...

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Three States with the Lowest Cost of Living

For those thinking about retirement or who have been considering moving out of a state due to the high cost of living, there are a surprising number of options across the country from which to choose. It is important to note, however, that while the state in general may have a low cost of living some of the larger individual cities will have a higher associated cost than others. Before choosing which state is the best fit, it is always a good idea to visit and explore the area. There are often trade-offs ...

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