Dump truck in open-pit mine

Opportunity in the Canadian Mining Sector

I’ve written a guest post over on The Dividend Pig. It was easy to get my post approved. 🙂 The post is titled, Opportunity in the Canadian Mining Sector.  It is a review of three Canadian mining stocks listed on the NYSE, and is intended for U.S. investors who may not be familiar with Canadian resource companies. I review the sector in relation to its possible value play, as well as briefly review three company fundamentals. Here is a snippet: “Many investors don’t think of mining ...

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Foreign stock markets

In What Account Should Canadians Hold International (Non U.S.) Dividend Stocks?

The following post is written by Brian So, an insurance advisor and blogger at briansoinsurance.com. Since my last post generated a lot of interesting discussions on which account to hold US stocks and ETFs, I’ll follow it up with a post on the impact of withholding taxes of holding (non-US) international dividend stocks in different accounts. Canada does not just have tax treaties with the US with respect to dividends paid to Canadians from US stocks. We also have tax treaties with 89 other countries ...

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Recent Buy: Power Financial Corp. PF Series S

This morning I sold another chunk of my iShares bond ETF, CLF, and purchased 100 shares of Power Financial Corporation First Preferred Shares, Series S, at $25 per share. The current yield is 4.80%, just slightly higher than the common shares of PWF. The shares are rated Pfd-1 by DBRS, and P-1 by S&P, which are considered highest quality ratings. Preferred shares (PF Shares) from Canada’s biggest companies are rarely offered with TD Waterhouse, and these new issues are usually gone within 20 ...

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Canadian Oil Pipeline

Canada’s Oil Discount: Opportunity and Risk

The following post is written by Roger Conrad. If you’d like to guest post on the Dividend Ninja, be sure to check out our Guest Posting Guidelines. Sometime early in the next decade the US will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s most prolific producer of oil. That’s according to the US Energy Information Administration. The key is new technology that’s unlocked vast reservoirs of oil and natural gas heretofore trapped under shale. And it’s spurred a production boom in Canada as ...

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