Should You Take a Bite into Apple?

Over the last year I saw a few articles and posts around the web with the big question, “Will Apple Pay a Dividend?”  Back then Apple was around $325 USD per share. Coincidentally on March 19th, the very day Apple (AAPL) announced their dividend, staff writer Hank Coleman asked the question why  Dividend Fund Managers Are Buying Apple? Apple’s new dividend has been a blessing in disguise, since the dividend now comes along with a hefty share price. Regardless of whether you love Apple products ...

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XDV – iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index Fund

Written by Vicky @ Vix Money XDV, iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index Fund, was introduced on December 19th, 2005. This ETF seeks to replicate the 30 highest dividend paying companies in the Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index. It is part of a group of ETFs owned by iShares, and, as of June 11th, 2009, is now currently being managed by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited. With the recent rebranding of the Claymore ETF family, whom now all trade under the iShares name, iShares ...

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Why Dividend Cuts Are a Good Thing

Life isn’t perfect and for whatever reason we purchase stocks we shouldn’t have bought, lured in by the high yield, or still hang on to stocks we should have sold. Investor confidence in a company can be sudden and swift. In the case of TransAlta Corp (TA) for example (which I don’t own) this was pointed out in a recent post by John Heinzl. Management decisions over the sale of the  Sundance coal plants, and the looming threat of a dividend cut, have pummelled the stock price. TA closed ...

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Bank of Montreal

Recent Buy: Bank of Montreal (BMO)

The markets continued their decline this week, with the TSX breaking below the psychological 12,000 level. Although the losing streak appeared to take a turn upwards on Wednesday morning, many investors are still remaining on the sidelines.   Whether the markets will continue to decline in another sell-off, or continue on another Bull Run is anyone’s guess. When markets dip, it’s an opportune time to buy shares of companies on your watch list, or top-up current holdings. Having sold my index ...

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