Why Dividend Cuts May Be a Good Thing for Investors

Life isn’t perfect and for whatever reason, we purchase stocks we shouldn’t have bought, lured in by the high yield, or still hang on to stocks we should have sold. Investor confidence in a company can be sudden and swift. In the case of TransAlta Corp (TA) for example (which I don’t own) this was pointed out in a recent post by John Heinzl. Management decisions over the sale of the  Sundance coal plants, and the looming threat of a dividend cut have pummelled the stock price. TA closed ...

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declining stock price

The Lure and Dangers of High Yield Stocks – What You Need to Know

This article was published in the Canadian MoneySaver and is posted here with permission. For more information visit www.canadianmoneysaver.ca Most investors would never buy a corporate bond yielding 10%. They would understand that a high yield in this low-interest rate environment would be a risky investment. They would likely lose some or all of their investment. But many investors who do not understand the risks of high yield will buy dividend stocks paying 8% or 10%+ yields, double or triple ...

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Stock Trades ~ November 2010

A Stop Loss was triggered for Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN-T) @ $12.75 on November 9th, for a net profit of $308.25 . A few more of those trades and I’m getting some good returns, and reduced commissions as well. I really liked Pengrowth since it has great growth potential, and an excellent dividend yield. So I was sad to see it sold, but I stick to my plan. Stop Losses help prevent real losses and maximize profits. I will buy Pengrowth again should the price decline or there ...

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