Canadian MoneySaver Webinar

“Investing for Dividends”

Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson


The webinar was recorded on Tuesday May 6th, 2014.

1:00pm EST (10:00am PST).


Join Avrom Digance of the Dividend Ninja and Peter Hodson, Editor of Canadian MoneySaver and CEO of 5i Research (pictured left), for an informative webinar on dividend investing.


If you are looking for an in-depth and detailed discussion on dividend increases, and other dry and boring topics, then this is the wrong webinar for you. Peter and I covered the current bull-market, and how investors can position their portfolio after a 5-year bull-run. We went on to discuss some technical aspects of how to screen dividend stocks. We also covered the impact of the Canadian financial industry on investor returns, and how to build your own mutual fund. Peter and I also answered questions.

Here is an outline of topics Peter and I covered in the webinar:

1. Introduction to the webinar.

2. About Canadian MoneySaver and 5i Research (with Peter Hodson).

3. After a 5 year bull-run. What should investors do?

4. Screening dividend stocks. What to look for before buying.

5. The impact of the Canadian financial industry on investor returns.

6. How to build your own mutual fund (a quick approach).

7. Questions and answers. Peter and I answered questions.

View the Webinar:

Download the Webinar Slides:

Here is the PowerPoint presentation used during the webinar.

pp-2013-icon investing-for-dividends-webinar.ppsx


pdf-icon investing-for-dividends-webinar.pdf


Note: These slides are under full copyright protection with the Dividend Ninja, Canadian MoneySaver, and 5i Research. You may not copy, distribute, or use the slides for commercial use, without prior written permission. Please read our copyright notice and disclaimer. By downloading these slides, you agree to these terms.

Thanks again for joining us!



Sponsored by the Canadian MoneySaver and 5i Research:

Canadian MoneySaver

5i Research



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