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How I Make Money BloggingThe giveaway is now closed.. Congrats to the winner Edward Antrobus!

This Summer I’m giving lots of stuff away at the Dividend Ninja!  This week I’m getting back to one of my favourite topics – making money online. For most of us, that is the ultimate goal and dream – to leave our jobs and make a full time income online! One blogger who has successfully achieved that goal is Crystal Stemberger. In fact she has been so successful, her husband left his job to come and work for her. ;)

Last month, Crystal released her new eBook – How I Make Money Blogging: The Beginners Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog. There is certainly an abundance of bloggers with their eBooks, but this one stands out amongst the crowd. Crystal has earned an income that most bloggers can only dream of, and she’s got the track record to prove it. Crystal found early on in her blogging days that advertising and negotiating ads for other bloggers was her road to wealth. She honed her strategy, and then built up her advertising and blogging network. Eventually Crystal was able to earn an income beyond her full-time job.  Now she’s sharing with fellow bloggers in her new eBook how she did it! But the eBook is much more than that. It’s a complete introduction on how to setup your WordPress blog and how to make an online income. This 32 page eBook is packed with detailed info!

Who Is This eBook For?

The Beginners Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog is an ultimate resource guide for the new blogger. The first 18 pages are devoted to how to setup your WordPress blog, pages and features you need to include, plugins you should use, and all about rankings and SEO. Crystal also covers the importance of how to build your blog and develop a network and community. The second half of this eBook is focussed on how to make money with your blog through paid advertising. Crystal literally gives you her formula to making a substantial online income. Even if you don’t want to run ads on your blog, the rest of the info in this eBook is worth gold!

What’s In This eBook?

This is quite an extensive eBook, and some of the topics Crystal covers include:

  • Why you should use WordPress over Blogger
  • How to get your domain and setup hosting
  • The basics of setting up a blog and what features you must include
  • Building up your blog, community, and making connections
  • Plugins you should include on your WordPress blog
  • All about SEO and rankings
  • All about different types of ads
  • What rates you should charge for advertising
  • How to setup your blog for advertisers
  • How to handle, negotiate, and correspond with advertisers
  • How to track your ad campaigns (excel worksheet included!)
  • Other ways to make an online income, such as writing and being a virtual assistant

A Primer on Paid Advertising

As bloggers, we have all grown to dislike those continuous requests for guest posts and other free links. The vast majority of these are certainly less than credible and risky links to be placing on our sites. But surprisingly many of these requests are credible. Last week I received an advertising request for a high profile software provider. But I wouldn’t have known it, if I didn’t reply back to the email. ;)

In this eBook, The Beginners Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog Crystal shows you how to setup your blog for advertising. Crystal shows you how to respond to ad requests, how to negotiate your rates, and how to manage your advertising campaigns. If you want to learn how to monetize your site, and effectively manage private advertising on your blog then this is the eBook you need.

Pandas and Penguins

Monetizing your blog through direct advertising can be very lucrative, but you should also be aware of the risks involved.  Just like investing, if you take on a higher return for your investments you also take on a higher risk. Google penalizes sites for paid backlinks with a PR0, and they even hand-check sites. The Penguin Update and Panda 3 Updates this year, was a reminder to bloggers of exactly what can happen.

For this reason (in my opinion) monetizing your blog with paid-links is best left for a secondary blog, and not your primary blog. It’s just safer that way… Having said that, there is a lot of money to be made here, and Crystals’ book can really unlock the keys on how to monetize your site. What I appreciated in this eBook was that Crystal discussed the events around these updates, and how it impacted her clients and business.

The eBook Giveaway

The bottom line is – this is a great eBook!  Whether or not you want to run advertising on you site, there is a wealth of valuable information here.

If you have read this far, then you realize this is obviously an eBook giveaway. I’m pleased to announce I’m giving away one FREE copy of How I Make Money Blogging: The Beginners Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog, to one lucky reader – a $27 value! This eBook also comes with an excel worksheet to help you keep track your advertising campaigns.

To be entered in the draw, please do one of the following:

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Also be sure to leave a comment below, so I know you are in the draw!  (maximum one entry per person)

The draw ends on Wednesday August 22nd, 2012. Good luck everyone! :)

Special Discount

After the draw, I’ll send everyone who commented here an email. I’ll be sending you a $10 discount code so if you don’t win you can buy the eBook for $17 instead of $27 !!

If you want to go ahead and buy the eBook before the draw, then just contact me and I’ll email you the discount code. This discount will be valid until the end of August.

The giveaway is now closed.. Congratulations to the winner Edward Antrobus!

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    If you want to go ahead and buy the eBook before the draw, then just reply here, or contact me via my contact form – and I’ll email you the discount code. This discount will be valid until the end of August.


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    • Carly, your welcome! :)

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