The Weekly Lineup: Eco-Friendly Edition

4392252_sOne of my pet peeves in our modern society, is the amount of waste and garbage that goes into our landfills. A significant amount of this waste is from non-recyclable plastics. Even more wasteful, is the fact much of this plastic is used in one-time use packaging.

There is also the energy expended and petroleum that goes into producing these plastics. Over at the Outlier Model, I asked Why Can’t All Packaging Be Eco-Friendly?

Coincidentally the day after publishing that post, I stopped into Starbucks after my night shift. Lo and behold they now have reusable coffee cups. Good on Starbucks for making that move, and reducing their packaging and impact on the environment!

The Weekly Lineup

First off, A big congrats goes out to Dividend Mantra who took the plunge, and has moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. You can check out his new look at Welcome to Dividend Mantra 2.0.  Jason is doing a fantastic job with the site, and his traffic is going through the roof. He is certainly on his way to the top! Well done mate. 😉

Here is a must-read post from Bits Business, discussing Buffetology in Survival of the Fattest. In this post, Hari looks at Microsoft as a dominant player in the software industry. He gives three interesting and detailed reasons why.

One important aspect to the dividend investing strategy, is to focus on large capitalization companies that not only pay solid dividends, but grow those dividends over time. Retire Before Dad gives an example with Year 5 of Owning Emerson Electric.

Is everyone named Dan in PF (Personal Finance) blogging?  Well not really… But here is Dan at Our Big Fat Wallet with an interesting post on 4 Things Your Accountant Won’t Tell You. There are some good points made in the article.

The Passive Income Earner, had a great post on how taking control of his own portfolio, was The Best Decision He Ever Made. No argument there my friend!  As PIE points out, he didn’t wake up one morning and have it all figured out. It took him four years to perfect his strategy. But it doesn’t have to take you that long. There are lots of great DIY (Do It Yourself) investing blogs out there to get you on the right track. 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone! 😉

6 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Eco-Friendly Edition”

  1. Dividend Mantra

    Feb 22. 2014


    Much appreciated on the mention. And I wouldn’t have made the move to WP as fast as I did if you didn’t put the bug in my ear. So thanks for that! 🙂

    Once an idea is in my head it consumes me. Haha!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Best wishes.

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    • Dividend Ninja

      Feb 22. 2014

      No problem, the blog looks great!

      Now you just have to write a national best-selling book, and then I promise I won’t bug you anymore. You have how many more days left on your vacation to get that done? 🙂


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  2. Retire Before Dad

    Feb 22. 2014

    Thanks D Ninja for mentioning my article and for your continued support of my writing.

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  3. Hari

    Feb 23. 2014


    Thrilled to see my post on “Survival the fattest” in your weekly lineup. I have found many great resources and blogs on your site and it means a lot to be mentioned here.


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