These Five Regional Banks Received Zero CFPB Complaints in 2016

In terms of size, regional banks slot in between the large money center banks that operate nationally or internationally and the smaller community banks that operate below the state level. Regional banks turned in a stellar performance in 2016, with net total returns of 34.52 percent, as measured by the S&P Regional Banks Select Industry Index. This compares to the benchmark S&P Composite 1500 Index’s 2016 total return of 13.03 percent, and a 30.48 percent return of all banks in the S&P ...

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McDonald's Corp. (MCD)

McDonald’s (MCD): A Boring Dividend Stock for a Fast-Paced Market

Written by Ben Carlson When bull markets are in full swing, investors become enamored with hot growth stocks.  This explains why names like Tesla (TSLA), Facebook (FB) and Netflix (NFLX) have garnered the attention of market participants with their fast-paced growth prospects and volatile stock price movements. It’s simply much easier to become more optimistic about future growth in technology companies when stocks are going up.  People are making money hand over fist and everyone’s happy.  ...

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Should You Buy Twitter?

Much buzz has been hitting the business news today regarding the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Twitter. It’s no surprise investors and traders are interested in getting a piece of the action, especially after the large-scale IPO’s of Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter is essentially the last big social media giant left to invest in. Together, these three social-media giants dominate the current web and mobile landscape. Of these social-media giants, Twitter is probably the best positioned and ...

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Three Dividend Payers Who Could See Significant Share Price Increases

The following post is written by Hank Coleman. Dividend yield isn’t the only thing out there for investors to consider. What about capital appreciation? There are several stocks that are poised to see their share prices appreciate as well. They could not only earn you an excellent return with a dividend yield but will also provide you with a great return with their under valued share prices. These three dividend payers could see a significant share price increase over the next year. One of the ...

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